What is CRM system?

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24 February 2023
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What is CRM system?

A CRM system or CRM software, abbreviated from Customer Relationship Management, is software designed to help you track, monitor, and maintain relationships with customers or target groups in order to increase sales or sustain long-term profitability. Additionally, it collects in-depth customer data to aid in making better business decisions. This is because customers often seek products and services that understand and cater to their needs, making CRM software a crucial tool for businesses in the present and the future, as adaptation is necessary for business competition and survival.

One crucial aspect of CRM software is its ability to aggregate conversations or customer data from various communication channels. These could be from live chats on websites, phone calls, emails, and various social media platforms. This provides valuable insights for staff and the business to learn more about the target audience and how best to meet customer needs.

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