Zoho Pagesense

Zoho PageSense

Enhance customization and individualized platform capabilities

Measure key metrics of your main website, understand visitor behavior, and provide personalized website experiences to drive conversions.

Pinpoint crucial Conversion web pages

Whether you need to gain a deep understanding of what works well on your website, the reasons behind visitor behaviors, or what’s needed to convert visitors into customers, PageSense has a suite of tools tailored for you.


Tracking key website metrics

Set objectives, examine clicks on your CTA, and assess design elements. Create funnel graphs to see which pages result in significant drop-offs in conversion.

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Analyzing visitor behavior

Identify the sections of your website that capture visitor’s attention instantly with Heatmaps. Utilize session recordings to obtain real-time video interactions of visitors engaging with your website.


Customize your website for conversion

Testing, learning, customizing, and iterating are still a topic of debate, aren’t they? Conduct A/B testing and see what works better for your business. Experiment with layout, website elements, images, text, colors, and much more that differ from each other.

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Customize the user experience to fit each individual

Each visitor is unique, and their experience on your website should also be distinct. Provide a personalized website experience for your visitors based on their preferences and needs.


Seamless integration with Zoho apps and various third-party platforms with just a click. Gain a holistic view of website data and make marketing decisions with more comprehensive information.

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