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To be a provider of integrated supply chain solution in the region, providing top quality products and services that are involved in the everyday life of people


Run by highly experienced and respected management with the single-mindedness to further expand the performance of the Company, AquaOrange firmly believes in the principles of free trade and good corporate governance.


To be the leading regional technology services company, enabling our clients to become high-performance businesses.

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AquaOrange Software We focus on working with automation. Of course, many organizations are interested in business automation, increasing convenience, speed, and reducing work complexity. And get quality data that can be analyzed efficiently in other areas. Zoho CRM is used by more than 12,000 organizations in 70 countries around the world. To manage sales, marketing, and customer service activities, Zoho CRM is a business tool. that makes me meet new customers Selling faster And create opportunities to increase the benefits of customer relationships as well.

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