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Zero Breaches.


Detecting Cyber Threats vs Stopping Damage from Cyber Threats…two very different things…

aquaorange xcitium

Zero Breaches.


Detecting Cyber Threats vs Stopping Damage from Cyber Threats…two very different things…

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    Serving Over 3,500 Businesses

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    Why AquaOrange ?

    Enhance the efficiency of your organization’s work with AquaOrange Software’s services. We are experts in comprehensive IT solutions, including all aspects of IT systems, computer networks, email systems, office setup, software installations, IT consulting, as well as computer, laptop, and other IT equipment rental services.

    One Stop Service
    One Stop Service

    All-inclusive IT services covering every issue.

    FREE Consultation
    Free Consultation

    Free IT Consultation with Experts.

    Fix All Problems

    Quick problem-solving, seamless workflow.

    Remote Support
    Remote Support

    Direct Remote Troubleshooting

    Save Cost

    Save on Full-Time IT Staff Costs.

    Expert Services

    Expert Services with Certifications.

    Our Credentials

    AquaOrange Software has over 22 years of experience in providing IT solutions. We operate with international standards and have a team of directly skilled personnel ready to continually develop work and services.

    certificat home
    technical support

    IT Support

    Comprehensive IT services, providing consultation and system planning for organizations.


    Zoho CRM

    Customer relationship management software to boost sales.

    Google Workspace

    Google Workspace

    Highly secure email for organizations, with post-sales services included.


    Microsoft 365

    Collaborate professionally together with comprehensive tools.

    Rent Computer

    Rental Computer

    Computer and laptop rental services, both short-term and long-term, with included software.

    technical support

    Business Email

    Establish trust within the organization with your own domain email.

    enpoint antivirus

    Xcitium Endpoint

    Installation and renewal services for all types of antivirus scanning programs.



    Provide installation guidance and distribute all forms of Firewalls.

    IT Support

    Why should you use IT Services with AquaOrange?

    AquaOrange Software, with over 22 years of IT experience, boasts a skilled and specialized team. Our services have gained trust from more than 3,500 leading companies.

    • One Stop Service IT Solution Services
    • Services by a team of specialized experts.
    • Cost-saving, reducing employee hiring expenses.
    • Remote Support helps resolve issues quickly.
    • Securely store and maintain organization’s data 100%.

    IT Services

    Comprehensive IT and computer system setup services

    Whether it’s network, server, security system setup, along with software and maintenance, to enhance organizational efficiency.

    NSE FCT cert
    NSE 1
    Checkpoint 1
    Paloalto 2
    IT Service
    Zoho CRM

    Zoho CRM

    Customer database management system increases sales

    The system manages customer data, stores conversation history, spanning sales, marketing, and data analysis. AquaOrange Software is an official partner for Zoho in Thailand.

    Zoho Developer 1
    Zoho Administrator
    Zoho Authorized

    Google Workspace

    Tools for enhancing efficiency and collaborative work, suitable for all types of tasks

    Google Workspace is an outstanding organizational toolset that enhances team efficiency and productivity, facilitating collaborative work, remote work capabilities, storage, and file management in the cloud.

    google certified

    Endpoint Security

    Guard against RANSOMWARE threats, with a 100% guarantee

    Offering consultation and installation of Xcitium’s Cloud-based cybersecurity solutions for safeguarding both internal and external endpoints within the organization.

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    Software License

    Comprehensive IT system and computer setup services

    Distributor of software licenses and provide advice on computer software, along with comprehensive expert installation services.

    Microsoft 365
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    fortinet logo
    IT Support4
    rent computer

    Rental Notebook Service

    Computer and IT equipment rental services

    Rent computers, laptops, Macs, iPads, and monitors. Basic software installation ready for immediate use. Both short-term and long-term rental services available, with complete installation service provided by our personnel all in one place.

    Lenovo 1
    DELL Partner
    HP partner logo

    IT Outsource & IT Helpdesk

    Consultation and troubleshooting for IT issues via telephone or remote control

    Providing consultation and resolving IT issues for organizations through phone support or online troubleshooting via remote control by specialized experts. Suitable for organizations without an in-house IT department, reducing expenses in employee hiring.

    IT Support
    E Waste


    Electronic waste disposal service from AquaOrange

    Data destruction service, along with data backup, data erasure, hard disk destruction, and secure electronic and computer disposal, worry-free and secure.

    Getting to know AquaOrange?

    AquaOrange Software is a full-service IT provider with over 22 years of expert experience. We focus on delivering modern and efficient IT services to fully meet the needs of our customers, supporting your organization to safely and efficiently conduct business in the digital era.

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