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Selling and Installing Cisco Firewall

Free consultation for selecting a Cisco Firewall model

Firepower 1010 NGFW

Choosing Palo Alto Firewall

    Reasons to choose Cisco Firewall?

    The Cisco firewall is the foundation of the industry’s most complete and open security platform

    Global Standard Security Control

    Protecting your network from smarter threats requires industry-leading insights and consistent protection everywhere. Improve your security look today with Cisco firewalls

    Consistent and clear policies

    with various networks Began to be more and more connected. Acquiring a comprehensive threat status awareness and the ability to manage policies in a unified manner. is very difficult Make security management easy and aware of the status of both distributed and hybrid networks

    Network integration and security

    Cisco's secure firewall builds the foundation for powerful integration of threat defense capabilities. to integrate with your existing network infrastructure This makes your network a meaningful addition to your firewall solution.

    What is Firewall ?

    Firewall is a computer security system (pronounced firewall) from being attacked by malicious people or unauthorized communications. Most of which come from the Internet network. Including the LAN network as well. Currently, Firewall has both hardware and software devices

    security fabric diagram light fy19

    What are the functions of a Firewall?

    Once we know what a Firewall is, how it works. Next, we will continue to talk about the benefits of the Firewall. The benefits of Firewalls are to prevent whether the data is transmitted securely or not by comparing with the various rules that the user uses. (Administrator) has defined. If a single rule is not passed, the Firewall will not allow it to pass through. But it depends on the user's own decision. If the data is not secure but the user allows it to pass through, the Firewall will let it in.

    When everyone has more access to the internet world It's like going in the wide world. We may not know everyone. all websites Therefore, we should build a wall to protect ourselves a bit. So that they can not enter the computer and damage it.

    Cisco Firewall Hardware

    Cisco logo
    Firepower 1010 NGFW
    Firepower 1010 NGFW
    • Firewall throughput :650 Mbps
    • FW + AVC +(IPS) :650 Mbps
    • (TLS) :
      150 Mbps
    • Throughput: NGIPS :
      650 Mbps
    • Maximum VPN Peers :
    Cisco logo
    Firepower 1120 NGFW
    Firepower 1120 NGFW
    • Firewall throughput :1.5 Gbps
    • FW + AVC +(IPS) :1.5 Gbps
    • (TLS) :
      700 Mbps
    • Throughput: NGIPS :
      1.5 Gbps
    • Maximum VPN Peers :
    Cisco logo
    Firepower 1140 NGFW
    Firepower 1120 NGFW
    • Firewall throughput :2.2 Gbps
    • FW + AVC +(IPS) :2.2 Gbps
    • (TLS) :
      1 Gbps
    • Throughput: NGIPS :
      2.2 Gbps
    • Maximum VPN Peers :
    Cisco logo
    Firepower 1150 NGFW
    Firepower 1120 NGFW
    • Firewall throughput :3 Gbps
    • FW + AVC +(IPS) :3 Gbps
    • (TLS) :
      1.4 Mbps
    • Throughput: NGIPS :
      3 Gbps
    • Maximum VPN Peers :


    Interested in the service, what should I do?2023-08-22T13:41:53+07:00

    You can notify the number of accounts you want to use / request a quote via

    [email protected] / contact number 02 686 3440

    How does flat-rate billing help me save money?2023-08-22T13:42:02+07:00

    Flat-rate billing allows you to budget your IT expenses so you can better focus on your core business goals. We can customize each service package for your specific business.

    If we already have an internal IT department2023-08-22T13:42:14+07:00

    no problem! We can offer scalable solutions that can be customized to meet your specific needs. No matter what kind of IT service package you need. or need advice Security or support service ThaiPC Support makes it easy with affordable and customizable flat rate service plans.

    What should I do before asking for help?2023-08-22T13:42:29+07:00

    The customer should first note the information about the error message. and take a screenshot of your problem. so that we can fix the problem properly Or sometimes simply closing the program and restarting the computer to reset the system might fix the problem.

    What is cloud backup?2023-08-22T13:42:39+07:00

    cloud backup or online backup It is a process where backups are transferred to an external server every night. Servers are located in a secure data center in Perth, cloud backup is safe and reliable and easy to manage and monitor.

    What does a service deal cost?2023-08-22T13:42:52+07:00

    Our service model pays a fixed monthly fee. Once contracted, our Managed IT Services cover maintenance and support for all components of your network.

    What is IT service management?2023-08-22T13:43:08+07:00

    That means we take care of all your information technology needs. We provide the best hardware and software to fit your organization. including the installation technical support and IT staffing needs. It also means consulting and emergency assistance to keep your business running.

    How long is a management service contract?2023-08-22T13:43:22+07:00

    Management service contracts vary by user. Some require a monthly program. While others want to use a multi-year contract. Where our service contract starts at 6 months.

    Is Free Anti-Virus Software Any Good?2023-08-22T13:43:32+07:00

    Free Anti-Virus has a very low detection rate. Depending on the use that is suitable for the customer’s organization But if the customer needs a high detection rate and is suitable for the customer’s organization just call us We are happy to serve you with the latest Anti-Virus Software for Spyware, Malware and Virus protection.

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