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Email Migration

Email Migration2023-08-23T11:28:34+07:00

Free email migration service!

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Email Migration

    Why choose our services?

    Many organizations trust our email migration services.

    Why should you choose our services?

    Many organizations trust us for email migration services.

    zoho to google

    Server to Google Workspace

    Migrate emails from a server to Google Workspace email service.


    POP3 & IMAP to Google Workspace

    Migrate emails from a server to the email service on Google Workspace.

    ms to google

    Microsoft 365 to Google WorkSpace

    Migrate emails from a server to the email service on Google Workspace.

    Plan & Pricing

    The email migration service is priced on a per-user basis,
    Calculated based on the number of user mailboxes to be migrated.

    Mailbox Migration

    • Move from multiple to a single destination.
    • Supports all data sizes.
    • Get started instantly.
    • No Downtime.
    • No Problem 100%

    User Migration Bundle

    • Move Mailbox
    • Move Documents
    • Move Personal Archives.
    • Ready to set up Outlook Configuration.
    • No Downtime


    Frequently Asked Questions about Google Workspace

    Can I grant administrative privileges to other users?2023-08-22T13:35:54+07:00

    Yes, no matter the size of your organization. We recommend that you spread responsibility for managing users and services among a set of trusted users. You can grant administrative privileges to users. By assigning an available admin role. Assigning roles to users gives them access to your Admin console. You can make a user a super administrator. All of which can be performed in the Admin console. You can also assign roles that limit the tasks that admins can perform, such as allowing group creation. Manage service settings or reset the user’s password only.

    Does Google Workspace work with Microsoft Office?2023-08-22T13:36:17+07:00

    After switching to Google Workspace, you can opt out of other office programs. All the actions you’ve done in these programs can also be done in Google Workspace. Don’t worry about the files you previously created. These files are not useless. Documents with other extensions (such as .txt or .docx from Microsoft Office) can be easily viewed in Drive or converted to Google Workspace files without losing their properties.

    Is data stored in Google Workspace secure?2023-08-22T13:36:29+07:00

    All data associated with your Google Workspace account is completely secure. The security of the service is confirmed by numerous certificates such as ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC 2/3, FedRAMP. If you have questions about how to encrypt data in Google services, contact us as a Google Cloud Premier Partner. We have the latest knowledge of how data is protected by Google’s infrastructure.

    How much storage space do Google Workspace users have?2023-08-22T13:36:43+07:00

    With Google Workspace Business Standard, each user gets 30GB of storage (twice more than personal Gmail accounts). Google Workspace Business Standard offers 2TB per user, Business Plus – 5TB, and Enterprise plans guarantee unlimited Google Drive space.

    How can I sign up for Google Workspace?2023-08-22T13:36:54+07:00

    If you are a business with fewer than 300 employees, you can get started online today. Companies with more than 300 employees can contact sales to learn more about our Enterprise Plan.

    Can Google Workspace applications be purchased individually?2023-08-22T13:37:17+07:00

    It cannot be purchased separately. Google Workspace is a suite of applications designed to work together. For example, you can save Gmail messages as events in your calendar with one click. Changes and comments made to files, sheets, docs, or slides won’t get your co-workers’ attention because everyone gets an email notification. In Calendar, you can also create a Google Meet meeting and notify in-person participants. other about the meeting as well Working in a consistent ecosystem of Google Workspace applications ensures optimal performance.

    How much does Google Workspace cost?2023-08-22T13:39:04+07:00

    Pricing for business email accounts in Google Workspace starts at $4 per user for one month (on the Google Workspace Business Starter service). A detailed price list of Google productivity software suites can be found here.

    How is Google Workspace different from free Gmail?2023-08-22T13:39:12+07:00

    Gmail features in Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) include custom business email addresses., unlimited group email addresses, 99.9% uptime guarantee, twice as much storage as free Gmail, no ads, 24/7 phone and support support, Google Sync for Microsoft Outlook. and many more

    What is Google Workspace?2023-08-22T13:39:29+07:00

    Another service from Google is a suite of applications used for organization management. for full collaboration Suitable for businesses of all sizes Whether small, medium or large, there will be applications suitable for various tasks. Many to choose from

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