Discover a new way to engage with customers using Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho SalesIQ offers a comprehensive toolkit for engaging with visitors throughout the customer lifecycle on any site. This live chat and analytics platform promotes proactive customer interactions for better engagement.

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Capabilities of Zoho SalesIQ

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Get started instantly

Set up and start using Zoho SalesIQ easily in just a few steps. Simply embed
The live chat code on your website, customize Zoho SalesIQ to align with your business processes, and engage with your prospects and customers through
A user-friendly interface.

Convert prospects into customers

Create customized workflows to convert web visitors into satisfied customers. Triggers and automated bots enable Zoho SalesIQ to respond uniquely to each visitor’s behavior on different web pages. This allows you to finely tailor interactions with your customers when they express interest. Guide prospects towards potential sales representatives for optimal closing opportunities.

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Enhance customer engagement effectiveness through automated systems

Zobot, our low-code bot builder, will execute and customize specified interactions for marketing, sales, or support processes. It saves your live
Agents’ time by using chatbots to gather prospect data, sync it with your CRM, trigger targeted email campaigns, initiate one-on-one chats with appropriate chat representatives, and much more.

Overcome language barriers

Enhance conversations with international customers by using Zoho SalesIQ’s real-time translation feature in their local languages. Build a global reputation and make your prospects feel at home.

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zs pickup right

Proceeding from your end

Capture an overview of all activities on your website from potential customers, including the sources of their visits, the pages they’re interested in, the number of site visits, the live agents they’ve interacted with, and their complete chat history. Take action within context and assign chats to appropriate agents with just one click.

Connect to CRM

Integrate Zoho SalesIQ with your Zoho CRM account to ensure that everyone sees the complete picture, no matter which app they’re using. Manage and enrich details of prospects and contacts, assign follow-up tasks, and take notes, all without leaving the live chat window.

zs conect crm

Enhance sales, marketing, and customer service efficiency with Zoho CRM

Features that make sales easier – Zoho CRM Plus has everything you need to boost leads, expand your customer base, increase sales, create customer satisfaction, and measure sales performance.

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