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we receive problem reports from users and perform initial analysis to determine the likely source of the issue. Then, they forward the problem to the relevant support team responsible for that particular area.

  • Remote Support Service
  • IT support & troubleshooting services for organizations.

  • On-site Support Service

  • Technical IT support services.

  • Internal office network management services.

  • IT System Engineers.

We offer comprehensive IT support services with a team of professional experts, both Thai and international, with over 22 years of experience. We have served over 3,500 customers, ensuring a high standard of service.

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    What is IT Helpdesk ?

    IT Helpdesk is a team responsible for receiving problem reports from users, analyzing them, and forwarding them to the support team for resolution. They also monitor the progress of issue resolution using a Support Ticket system to prioritize and assign tasks to the appropriate teams, making issue tracking and resolution efficient and convenient.

    Remote Support Service

    We offer services under Remote Support, staffed by expert and experienced professionals who are ready to efficiently and accurately address all issues professionally and promptly. Our primary focus is on delivering high-quality service to ensure our customers receive the maximum benefit.

    • Remote software installation for organizational use.

    • Remote configuration of network switch and firewall device operations.

    • Troubleshoot and manage employee desktop operations.

    • Manage and configure operations on operating systems
      (MAC, Windows, and Linux).

    • Check the operation of the server system.

    • Configure the server.

    IT troubleshooting services for organizations

    It is well known that communication is essential and crucial for today’s business operations. We offer a variety of services to help facilitate the smooth and accurate functioning of your business. If you have any questions or need further information about the services provided by AquaOrange Software, please let me know. I’m here to assist you.

    • Assist in managing workspace efficiently.

    • Installation and maintenance services.

    • Service for managing and configuring usage.

    • Supporting service through multiple channels.

    • (Phone, Email, Chat, Website)

    On-site Support Service

    In cases where Remote Support may not be able to meet the customer’s needs, we offer another service, which is on-site support within the customer’s organization. This ensures that customers receive assistance from our experienced and knowledgeable staff and ensures that all systems and software the customer has continue to work effectively and provide maximum value to their business.

    • We have a reliable and efficient problem reporting system that allows us to track and address customer issues without complications. This means that all customer problems are continuously monitored and taken care of by us around the clock.

    • We provide easy access to solutions, even on regular users’ desktops.

    • We offer user account setup and synchronization with LDAP services as part of our services.

    • Automatic asset inventory management system.

    Technical IT support services

    In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, it’s crucial to have specialized and well-trained personnel who can adapt to new devices and software that emerge over time. We recognize the importance of this, and that’s why we have a team of experts and staff who are knowledgeable in various aspects of IT.

    Network Management Service
    Within the Office

    The network engineers at Thai PC Support are technology experts specializing in designing, installing, and maintaining computer networks. They possess knowledge in information technology, working with various operating systems, and general engineering systems. Their expertise allows us to manage the foundational infrastructure of your network and provide comprehensive and cost-effective service options, including:

    • router
    • server
    • Back up data
    • switch
    • Managing DSL/CMTS/FTTx
    • VoIP
    • Workstation
    • Check the problem
    • Engineering
    • Virtualization
    • Firewall
    • Performance measurement

    IT Systems Engineer

    In order to achieve efficiency and results in our work, ThaiPC Support provides comprehensive services to support and assist in organizing the structure and planning the development of an organization’s IT system, as follows:

    • User Guide

    • Workflow Steps

    • Workstation Desk Structure

    • System Management and Configuration

    • Process Improvement

    More than 3,500 organizations

    AquaOrange Software has over 25 years of extensive experience in providing IT solutions, operating with global standards, and a dedicated team of experts ready to continuously enhance our work and services.

    Our Clients
    Our Clients

    Benefits of using IT Support services

    To enhance organizational efficiency, AquaOrange Software offers comprehensive

    IT services. We specialize in end-to-end

    IT solutions, including computer systems, network setup, email systems, office installations, software installations, IT consulting, and rental services for computers, laptops, and other IT equipment.

    One Stop Service
    One Stop Service


    Free consult




    Remote Support
    Remote Support






    We are Certified by

    Leading organizations both nationally and internationally.

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    Services included in IT Helpdesk

    IT Helpdesk is a team responsible for receiving user problem reports, analyzing them, and forwarding them to the Support department for resolution. They also monitor the progress of issue resolution and use a Support Ticket system to prioritize and assign tasks to the appropriate department. This makes tracking and problem resolution easy and convenient.

    IT Helpdesk
    (Part time / Full time)

    They receive problem reports from users, perform initial analysis, and then forward the issue to the relevant support team within that department.

    Services available on a daily/weekly/monthly basis

    We offer flexible service options that can be accessed as needed and tailored to the organization’s convenience and needs.

    Installation of Anti-Virus & Spyware Systems

    They receive problem reports from users, perform initial analysis, and then forward the issue to the relevant support team within that department.

    Monthly and Annual Service Contracts

    You can choose to enter into a service contract with flexible payment options, tailored to your organization’s needs.

    Managing NAS and File Sharing Systems

    They receive problem reports from users, perform initial analysis, and then forward the issue to the relevant support team within that department.

    Maintenance of
    PC / Laptop / Server

    IT Service for the maintenance, upkeep, and troubleshooting of both hardware and software to ensure continuous availability.

    it support2

    IT Consulting Service

    Providing IT business consulting services to multiple organizations in developing IT systems to meet business needs.

    Installation of VPN and Load Balancing Systems

    Creating secure and fast private network connections to various devices using VPN for safe data transmission.

    Work Activity Report

    Reporting the results of inspections and providing improvement plans and solutions to customers.

    Managing Data Backup Systems

    We can design and create data backup plans tailored to each customer’s specific business needs.

    On-Site & Remote Support Service

    When issues arise, we can resolve them either remotely or by direct on-site intervention at your location.

    Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Quality Maintenance.

    Service Agreement to Confirm Quality Maintenance in accordance with the terms provided to the customer.

    Why should you use IT services with AquaOrange?

    AquaOrange Software has over 22 years of experience in the IT field, with a highly skilled and knowledgeable team.
    We have earned recognition from leading companies, with more than 3,500 satisfied customers, and adhere to global operational standards.

    IT Service

    One Stop Service

    We provide comprehensive IT services delivered by certified experts.

    IT Support3

    Service provided by experts

    We can resolve IT issues quickly with a professional team that is certified and ensures accurate problem-solving.

    IT Support4

    Fast and cost-effective

    Reducing the need for permanent IT staff helps save costs and ensures uninterrupted workflow.