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IT Helpdesk

IT Helpdesk2023-08-23T10:58:23+07:00

IT HelpDesk

Helpdesk serves as the first contact for users reporting problems. They analyze issues, pinpoint the cause, and escalate them to the relevant support team.
  • IT Maintenance and Troubleshooting Services for Organizations

  • Remote Support Services

  • On-Site Support Services

  • Technical IT Support Services

  • In-House Network Management Services

  • IT Systems Engineer

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IT Helpdesk

    it support
    IT Helpdesk

    Remote Support Service

    Our Remote Support offers skilled experts who swiftly resolve issues for maximum customer benefit, prioritizing quality service

    • Remote Software Installation for Organizational Use

    • Remote Configuration of Network Switches and Firewalls

    • Troubleshooting and Desktop Management for Employee Workstations

    • Management and Configuration of Operating Systems (MAC, Windows, and Linux)

    • System Server Performance Monitoring and Evaluation

    • Server Configuration

    IT Helpdesk

    IT Troubleshooting and Support Services for Organizations

    Clear communication is crucial for modern business success.
    Our services ensure smooth operations, driving your business forward efficiently.

    • We assist in managing workspace efficiently.

    • Installation and Maintenance Services

    • Setup and Usage Maintenance Services

    • Supporting Multi-Channel Service (Phone, Email, Chat, Website)

    • Basic Troubleshooting and Error Resolution on Usage

    • Coordinate with Service Providers to Rectify Errors

    on site
    IT Helpdesk

    On-site Support Service

    If Remote Support falls short, we provide On-Site Assistance. This offers
    hands-on expert help, maintaining operational systems for business success.

    • Our efficient issue reporting system ensures quick resolution, providing continuous care for customer needs.

    • Access to Solution Endpoints, Even through General User Desktops

    • User Account Configuration and LDAP Synchronization Service

    • Automated Asset Management and Auditing System

    IT Helpdesk

    Technical IT Support Services

    In today’s swiftly evolving tech landscape, expert adaptability is key to managing new devices and software. Our knowledgeable team ensures up-to-date services as technology advances.

    it support2
    IT Helpdesk

    Internal Office Network Management Services

    Thai PC Support’s Network Engineers are tech experts in network services, including design, installation, and management. They handle various systems, maintaining your network’s backbone and providing comprehensive services.

    • Router

    • Server

    • switch

    • work station
    • Engineering
    • Firewall
    • DSL/CMTS/FTTx Management

    • back up data

    • VoIP
    • check the problem

    • Virtualization
    • measure the effectiveness

    IT Helpdesk

    IT system engineer

    For the purpose of working efficiently and effectively, ThaiPC Support offers comprehensive support and assistance in structuring and planning the development of corporate IT systems as follows:

    • Instruction Manual

    • operation steps

    • desk position structure

    • Manage system and settings

    • process improvement

    system eng


    Is Free Anti-Virus Software Any Good?2023-08-22T13:43:32+07:00

    Free Anti-Virus has a very low detection rate. Depending on the use that is suitable for the customer’s organization But if the customer needs a high detection rate and is suitable for the customer’s organization just call us We are happy to serve you with the latest Anti-Virus Software for Spyware, Malware and Virus protection.

    How long is a management service contract?2023-08-22T13:43:22+07:00

    Management service contracts vary by user. Some require a monthly program. While others want to use a multi-year contract. Where our service contract starts at 6 months.

    What is IT service management?2023-08-22T13:43:08+07:00

    That means we take care of all your information technology needs. We provide the best hardware and software to fit your organization. including the installation technical support and IT staffing needs. It also means consulting and emergency assistance to keep your business running.

    What does a service deal cost?2023-08-22T13:42:52+07:00

    Our service model pays a fixed monthly fee. Once contracted, our Managed IT Services cover maintenance and support for all components of your network.

    What is cloud backup?2023-08-22T13:42:39+07:00

    cloud backup or online backup It is a process where backups are transferred to an external server every night. Servers are located in a secure data center in Perth, cloud backup is safe and reliable and easy to manage and monitor.

    What should I do before asking for help?2023-08-22T13:42:29+07:00

    The customer should first note the information about the error message. and take a screenshot of your problem. so that we can fix the problem properly Or sometimes simply closing the program and restarting the computer to reset the system might fix the problem.

    If we already have an internal IT department2023-08-22T13:42:14+07:00

    no problem! We can offer scalable solutions that can be customized to meet your specific needs. No matter what kind of IT service package you need. or need advice Security or support service ThaiPC Support makes it easy with affordable and customizable flat rate service plans.

    How does flat-rate billing help me save money?2023-08-22T13:42:02+07:00

    Flat-rate billing allows you to budget your IT expenses so you can better focus on your core business goals. We can customize each service package for your specific business.

    Interested in the service, what should I do?2023-08-22T13:41:53+07:00

    You can notify the number of accounts you want to use / request a quote via

    [email protected] / contact number 02 686 3440

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