Zoho Development and Integrations

With proven expertise in implementing enterprise level applications and integrations with Zoho Products, AquaOrange collaborates with Zoho partners to expand their solution design and integration capabilites

Our Services

  • Powerful Integrations using Zoho Catalyst as the middleware
  • Custom application development using Zoho Creator
  • Deluge scripting for complex automations in Zoho Apps
  • Configuring Zoho Apps to automate business processes
  • Extensions and new feature developments on Zoho CRM
  • Help Zoho Partners – with their client’s end-end development needs
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Who We Are

We are Zoho Specialists, who can help Zoho Partners by supporting them in both solutioning and development for their clients

We have an inhouse development team who are experienced at designing and building custom solutions to expand the capabilities of Zoho and provide end to end solutions by building integrations with third party applications.

Our services are designed to assist businesses in harnessing the full potential of Zoho products, allowing them to derive the utmost value within a multi-software environment. We ensure that their IT systems harmoniously collaborate to meet their specific business goals.

Zoho awarded Partner of the Year 2023 for APAC

Enhance client satisfaction with meticulously crafted solutions

Our Certifications

Zoho Administrator 1

Zoho CRM Certified

Zoho Associate 1
Zoho Analytics Certified
Zoho Authorized Partner
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Zoho Creator Certified
Zoho Developer 1
Zoho Creator Certified

Our Team

We are an internationally diverse team of business consultants, solution architects, developers and operational process experts who have a solid understanding of various technologies and business use cases.

We leverage our varied technical skills to help you tackle your business problems and provide you with custom fit solutions for your needs

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Zoho Certified Consulting

As Zoho-certified consultants, we provide the state of the art solutions to take your business to the next level. All you have to do is share your workflow order and anything that might be useful with our expert consultants for them to come up with the best solutions.

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Zoho Implementation

Being an experienced certified Zoho partner for years, our developers ensure you have an error-free solution by going through repeated cycles of QA and testing to implement the solution in your business.

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Zoho Development

We develop customizations that suit your business workflow more effectively in the readily available Zoho templates and help you attain reduced turnaround time and profitable growth in your business.

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Zoho Training

Our developers provide necessary training to familiarize the solution at the administrative and employee level during the implementation of the solution, either at minimum costs or free of cost, depending on the extent of the training period.

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Zoho Integration

We integrate any third-party application along with seamless data migration from your existing application to the new Zoho solution of your choice for managing all of your business operations efficiently.

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Zoho Support and maintenance

Our expert developers go about repeated testing cycles before deployment to ensure that what we deliver is error-free and gives you 100% user satisfaction.

Our Case Study

Reinventing Customer Loyalty Program with Zoho Subscription

As Zoho Authorized Partners, we are well equipped to handle Zoho customizations and integrations seamlessly. And, we provided automation in collecting, sorting, and recording redeemable customer points by linking their subscription forms on multiple WIX websites with Zoho Subscriptions by building a custom connector.

  • Industry Covered:
    Subscription Services Industry: Linking your eCommerce subscription form on all websites with Zoho Subscription, you automate the collection, prioritization, customer redeemable points processing, and a faster response to your clients.
  • Expertise:
    Our Technical expertise allowed us to integrate and customize the subscription forms on the client’s website. We created secure admin and end-user customization and helped accelerate the subscription process for redeemable points.