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Zoho CRM empowers 250,000+ businesses in 180 countries to transform lead management, engage customers, and boost revenue globally, revolutionizing customer relationships.

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Trusted by over 250,000 companies worldwide

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Increase customer satisfaction even more

Build excellent relationships with your customers

Engage with customers through suitable channels at appropriate times with relevant messages.
Control the presence across all touchpoints, allocate KPIs, utilize intelligent predictive systems, and more to deliver Personalized experiences that create positive impressions.


Connect with your customers through multiple channels, regardless of their location

  • Access your customers through every channel: phone, email, live chat, and social media.

  • Receive real-time notifications when customers interact with your business.

  • Measure the effectiveness of your customer communications and find the best times and channels to reach your customers.

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Save even more time with automation

  • Make every aspect of your business automated and eliminate repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

  • Enhance the efficiency of your lead nurturing process and utilize leads that will provide the highest value for your investment.

  • Trigger instant operations, never miss any activities, and improve tracking results with Workflows.

Generate in-depth reports rapidly in real-time

  • Automate every aspect of your business and eliminate redundant and time-consuming tasks from all angles.

  • Enhance the efficiency of your lead nurturing processes and utilize leads that will add the most value to everyone involved.

  • Trigger actions instantly, never miss any activities, and track results more effectively with workflows.


Enhance sales, marketing, and customer service efficiency with Zoho CRM

Features that make sales easier – Zoho CRM Plus has everything you need to boost leads, expand your customer base, increase sales, create customer satisfaction, and measure sales performance.

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