Zoho Bigin

Zoho Bigin

A CRM hub designed for small businesses, focusing on pipelines and tailored pricing

With Bigin, small businesses can efficiently manage customer relationships. Whether you’re new to it or not, we’re here to assist in getting you started.

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A new way to view Customer Pipelines

All the trend insights of your leads, including emails, activities, tweets, and much more, will be seamlessly collected in Bigin. This gives you all the essential data to power your conversations, efficiently manage your pipelines, and close deals more effectively.

Attract potential customers

  • Use web forms to capture visitor details on your website.

  • Send and receive emails from within the product.

  • Maintain a complete timeline view of all interactions with prospective customers turned clients.

Pipeline Management

  • Customizable Sales Processes and Options for Diverse Pipelines

  • Workflows help save time on repetitive tasks.

  • Control your activities and track results.

Close the deal

  • A dashboard that provides an overview of your sales pipeline.

  • A dashboard that provides an overview of your sales pipeline.

  • Sell anywhere with iOS and Android apps.

Why use Zoho Bigin?

We believe that every business, regardless of its size, needs to use a CRM. Even small-sized businesses shouldn’t rely on inefficient spreadsheet-based methods for customer-related tasks. We are creating a user-friendly CRM packed with relevant features, and most importantly, it’s affordable. With Bigin, we eliminate the complexities associated with all types of CRM systems. Users can easily set up, track daily activities, manage customer relationships, and accelerate business growth like never before.

Various pipelines for customer operations

With customizable pipeline creation options, Bigin empowers businesses to efficiently manage customer operations within its comprehensive self-configurable workflows. The pipelines in Bigin allow users to view customer data in visual and engaging formats, enabling seamless expansion throughout the customer lifecycle.

Zoho Bigin

Diverse pipelines for customer operations

From emails to activities and sales, all your contact information will be systematically organized and arranged in one place. Enhanced with comprehensive data, you won’t waste valuable time searching for specific information while interacting with prospects or meeting them directly.

Zoho Bigin

Built-in Phone System

With the integrated phone system, you can make and receive calls, purchase phone numbers for your team, and enhance how you reach out to prospects and customers, all within the system.


Enhance sales, marketing, and customer service efficiency with Zoho CRM

Features that make sales easier – Zoho CRM Plus has everything you need to boost leads, expand your customer base, increase sales, create customer satisfaction, and measure sales performance.

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