What is Ransomeware Cyber Threats What Businesses Should Know?

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26 June 2023
What is Ransomeware Cyber Threats Why Businesses Should Know

Let’s get to know Ransomware. Why should businesses be cautious?

Currently, there is frequent news about “Ransomware” that we often come across. But what exactly is it? Let’s explain it in simple terms for better understanding. Ransomware is a type of malware that is not designed to steal data from user devices. Instead, it encrypts or locks files, such as documents, images, and videos, making them inaccessible to users. If these files are encrypted, users cannot open them unless they have the “key” to unlock and recover the data. Users are then required to pay a ransom as stated in the ransom message that appears.

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The text “Ransom” will appear after the files have been successfully encrypted. The ransom amount can vary, typically ranging from $150 to $500 (approximately 5,000 to 10 Thai Baht). Payment must be made through a system that is difficult to trace or track, such as electronic transfers, Paysafecard, or Bitcoin. However, it is important to note that making the payment does not guarantee that malicious actors will send the key to unlock the files to the user. This cyber threat can disrupt business operations and lead to significant data loss for organizations.

In what forms does Ransomware Malware disguise itself ?

In what forms does Ransomware Malware disguise itself

According to the Sonic wall Cyber Threat Report (Mid Year Update 2021), it was found that Ransomware attacked networks up to 307.7 million times, an increase of 151% compared to the same period in 2020. This is the highest recorded number to date. Ransomware distribution can take various forms, such as: [Please provide the remaining content for translation]

  • It is embedded in the form of email attachments, and the sender’s email address is often from a well-known service provider, such as a bank. The subject line or opening sentence may appear trustworthy, such as “Dear Valued Customer,” “Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender,” or “Invitation to connect on LinkedIn.” The file types seen in the attachments are usually “.doc” or “.xls,” which users may think are regular Word or Excel documents. However, upon examining the full file name, they will discover the hidden extension “.exe.”

  • It infiltrates in the form of Malvertising (malicious advertising), whether embedded within software or on various web pages. Users may unwittingly become victims simply by clicking or visiting a compromised webpage controlled by malicious actors.

  • They link to malicious websites and exploit software vulnerabilities. Users can unintentionally become victims simply by visiting compromised web pages controlled by malicious actors. For example, they may be exposed to dangerous code through banner advertisements. Ransomware often takes advantage of security flaws or vulnerabilities in web browsers, applications, or operating systems. Oftentimes, these vulnerabilities occur within web browsers.

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What are some methods to prevent becoming a victim of Ransomware?

What are some methods to prevent becoming a victim of Ransomware
  • Regularly perform data backups as the most secure measure against Ransomware. Even if attacked, you can quickly restore your data. To protect backup data from being encrypted, it is recommended to store it on external devices such as Cloud Storage, External Hard Drives, USB Flash Drives, etc.

  • Keep your software up to date to prevent attacks that exploit Ransomware vulnerabilities.

  • Install an Anti-Ransomware program to prevent access to malicious websites and scan all downloaded files on your computer. This is a useful approach for both businesses and individuals.

  • Avoid opening suspicious websites, clicking on links, or downloading files from emails or social media sources that are untrustworthy.

  • Stay informed and educate yourself on preventive measures to avoid becoming a victim of malicious individuals.

Introducing Xcitium, an Anti-Malware program that protects and mitigates attacks from Ransomware.

Xcitium Aquaorange

Xcitium is a Cloud-based Cyber Security technology that ensures the security of devices both within and outside the organization. It operates from any location and on any device, providing on-demand access at all times. With its advanced endpoint protection, Xcitium offers compelling Endpoint Security solutions for businesses, safeguarding data from Ransomware. It guarantees advanced 100% endpoint protection, refusing to trust or execute unfamiliar processed files to prevent potential harm.

The Xcitium program can do the following:

The Xcitium program can do the following
Xcitium Dashboard

Xcitium Dashboard

Various features allow users to customize and configure the dashboard according to the organization’s needs. Users can add or remove different widgets such as graphs, charts, tables, and more, based on their preferences. Additionally, there are features for data sharing and access through websites or other mobile devices, enabling users to view and track data anytime, anywhere.

Xcitum Enpoint Security 3
Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security

To prevent unauthorized access, detect and prevent threats that may occur on Endpoint devices, and maintain the security of data stored on Endpoint devices, Xcitium Endpoint Security offers various features for efficient protection and security maintenance. It helps safeguard Endpoint devices and organizational data from attacks and unauthorized access, allowing system administrators to effectively control and maintain the security of the organization.

Xcitum Setting 1
Xcitium Setting


Xcitium can manage and monitor applications installed on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. It also handles patches on Windows devices.

Xcitum License Management 2
License Management

License Management

This section allows users to view license details, add new licenses, and delete licenses. System administrators with appropriate privileges will receive notifications regarding license registrations, such as licenses expiring in ‘x’ days, and others.

For more information, please visit www.aquaorange.co.th/xcitium-thailand/

Xcitium Advanced Feature Capabilities

ZeroDwell Containment

Prevents unknowns instantly through denying write access privileges of any unknowns

NGAV & Award-winning Firewall

Powerful real world antivirus to automatically detect, cleanse and quarantine suspicious files

Fileless Malware Protection

Protection against fileless malware payloads that bypass any traditional antivirus

Virus Scope Behavior Analyzer

Protection against fileless malware payloads that bypass any traditional antivirus

Xcitium Host Firewall

Keep incoming threats out as well steer clear of any suspicious threats going outbound.

Host Intrusion Prevention System

Continuous monitoring of operating system activities to detect intrusions before any trespassing can occur

Verdict Cloud Intel Analyzers

Real time static and dynamic scans across the cloud, deep web, and dark web for unknowns against your organization.

Xcitium File Reputation Lookup

Cross reference any file’s threat reputation against one of the world’s largest whitelist and blacklist threat intelligence.

Cloud Based Updates

New malware signatures are consistently delivered through the cloud to ensure both security and optimal user performance.

How important of Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)?

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For those interested in installing the Xcitium program, you can use the AquaOrange service [link] to easily perform the installation on both business and personal devices.
For more information, please visit https://www.aquaorange.io/xcitium-thailand/

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