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We offer comprehensive IT services, providing complete IT support and troubleshooting solutions with a professional team of both Thai and international experts. With over 22 years of extensive experience, we have served more than 3,500 companies, guaranteeing a high standard of service.

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    IT Support Service On-Site

    • Support On-Site starts at once / month

    • Remote Support for remote issue resolution.

    • Anti-Virus & Spyware System Installation Services
    • Software and License Inspection Services.
    • Available in both per-session / month / year formats.
    • Summary reports for every instance of work.

    Firewall & Security Service

    • Designing VPN Network Systems.

    • Anti-Virus Program Installation Service.

    • Installation and Maintenance of Fortinet
      and Sophos Firewalls.

    • Installation and Configuration of Load
      Balancing Systems.

    • Setting Access Permissions and Security Measures.

    NAS & File Server Service

    • File Server System Management and Restoration.
    • Data Backup System Installation / Cloud Backup Installation.

    • Accessible on Both Web Browsers & Smartphone Apps.
    • Managing Cloud Storage Systems.

    • Quick and Versatile File Data Access.

    More than 3,500 organizations

    AquaOrange Software has over 25 years of extensive experience in providing IT solutions, operating with global standards, and a dedicated team of experts ready to continuously enhance our work and services.

    Our Clients
    Our Clients

    Benefits of using IT Support services

    To enhance organizational efficiency, AquaOrange Software offers comprehensive
    IT services. We specialize in end-to-end IT solutions, including computer systems, network setup, email systems, office
    installations, software installations, IT consulting, and rental services for computers, laptops, and other IT equipment.

    One Stop Service
    One Stop Service

    Comprehensive IT services, covering all issues.

    Free consult

    Quick problem-solving and continuous workflow.

    Covering all issues

    Quick problem-solving and seamless workflow.

    Remote Support
    Remote Support

    Swift issue resolution, continuous workflow.

    Reduces the need for hiring

    Quick problem-solving, uninterrupted work.

    Service provided by experts

    Swift problem-solving, continuous work.

    We are Certified by

    Leading organizations both nationally and internationally.

    Our Certificate

    Services included in IT Support

    IT Support is a service that assists and troubleshoots various IT issues for users, including virus scanning, software installation, system maintenance, and repairs. These support personnel help resolve problems arising from hardware, software, or network issues, ensuring continuous and normal operation. They also proactively search for ways to prevent future issues, constantly updating their knowledge and staying informed about technological developments to analyze and resolve problems quickly and stay ahead of potential challenges.

    IT Helpdesk
    (Part time / Full time)

    They receive problem reports from users, perform initial analysis, and then forward the issue to the relevant support team within that department.

    Services available on a daily/weekly/monthly basis

    We offer flexible service options that can be accessed as needed and tailored to the organization’s convenience and needs.

    Installation of Anti-Virus & Spyware Systems

    They receive problem reports from users, perform initial analysis, and then forward the issue to the relevant support team within that department.

    Monthly and Annual Service Contracts

    You can choose to enter into a service contract with flexible payment options, tailored to your organization’s needs.

    Managing NAS and File Sharing Systems.

    They receive problem reports from users, perform initial analysis, and then forward the issue to the relevant support team within that department.

    Maintenance of
    PC / Laptop / Server

    IT Service for the maintenance, upkeep, and troubleshooting of both hardware and software to ensure continuous availability.

    IT Support

    IT Consulting Service

    Providing IT business consulting services to multiple organizations in developing IT systems to meet business needs.

    Installation of VPN and Load Balancing Systems

    Creating secure and fast private network connections to various devices using VPN for safe data transmission.

    Work Activity Report

    Reporting the results of inspections and providing improvement plans and solutions to customers.

    Managing Data Backup Systems

    We can design and create data backup plans tailored to each customer’s specific business needs.

    On-Site & Remote Support Service

    When issues arise, we can resolve them either remotely or by direct on-site intervention at your location.

    Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Quality

    Service Agreement to Confirm Quality Maintenance in accordance with the terms provided to the customer.

    Why should you use IT services with AquaOrange?

    AquaOrange Software has over 22 years of experience in the IT field, with a highly skilled and knowledgeable team.
    We have earned recognition from leading companies, with more than 3,500 satisfied customers, and adhere to global operational standards.

    IT Service

    One Stop Service

    We provide comprehensive IT services delivered by certified experts.

    IT Support3

    Service provided by experts

    We can resolve IT issues quickly with a professional team that is certified and ensures accurate problem-solving.

    IT Support4

    Fast and cost-effective

    Reducing the need for permanent IT staff helps save costs and ensures uninterrupted workflow.