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The modern self-service BI and Analytics Platform

Connect, prepare and analyze your data. Create stunning visualizations of your data.
And discover all these hidden insights in minutes.

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“Zoho’s BI platform… brings together the capabilities of 27 other companies into a single product.”

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“97% of surveyed users recommend Zoho Analytics.”

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“Beyond providing in-depth insights based on business data, Zoho Analytics also enables users to discover trends using natural language.”

Transform Data into deep insights and actions in just minutes

Convert raw data into insightful reports and dashboards, track key business metrics, view long-term trends, identify anomalies, and forecast the future.


Connect and blend data from anywhere

Connect with various data sources such as files, feeds, popular business apps, cloud databases, and within your organization, custom apps, and more, using our user-friendly connectors.


Prepare data for analysis

Utilize our customizable self-service data preparation and management modules to clean, transform, enrich, and curate the data catalog you need for analysis.


Enhance your analysis with AI

Converse with our intelligent AI assistant, generate deep insights automatically with a single click, predict future trends, perform knowledge and probability analysis, set up smart notifications, and much more.


Analyze data visually

Create interactive reports and dashboards with deep-dive data using our easy drag-and-drop interface. Utilize charts, widgets, pivot tables, and various tabbed views to visualize your data effectively.


Share deep insights as stories

with everyone

Collaborate with users through secure sharing and detailed permissions. Engage in meaningful discussions about reports, making your meeting rooms come alive with slide show reports. Tell stories with your business data.


Embedded BI

Low-code and no-code model that simplifies the creation and embedding of analyses, or building your organization’s analytics portal in your brand. A scalable and customizable development platform to meet your business needs.

Boost sales and improve customer relationships

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