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Self-service data preparation and augmented pipeline services.

Connect, explore, transform and optimize data for analytics. Machine Learning, Migration, and Data Warehousing


Find errors and prepare data quickly.
than ever with AI-powered data cleaning

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prepare data from multiple sources

Connect to different sources such as files, feeds, databases, data warehousing, REST APIs, and more. You can also use built-in connectors to import data from Zoho Analytics and Zoho CRM.

Analyze and improve data quality

Layout data to view data distribution, statistics, outliers, and data quality. Remove duplicate data and improve quality by correcting invalid values and missing values.

discover improve data quality
transform and enrich

Transform and enhance efficiency.

Use AI-powered transformation engine and smart suggestions with over 250 transformations. Use machine learning techniques to enhance data quality with sentiment analysis. language detection Keyword sorting, etc.

Reapply a set of rules.

Use a set of rules to track transformations of data in all formats applied to your data, modify, deactivate, or remove data transformations at any time, and then reuse the rule set to apply the same transformations to different datasets.

create and reuse ruleset
catalog your data

Compile a catalog of your data.

Manage datasets by categories, user-defined tags, data quality, data readiness, and more. Use Zia Search to retrieve metadata across the system for improved search capabilities.

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