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As Zoho Authorized partners in Thailand, we have the best Zoho Implementation team and worked on – Zoho Implementation, Zoho Development, and Zoho Integrations projects for many different industrial sectors in Thailand.

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We Help you with  Business Automation with
Zoho Authorized Partner

  • As a Zoho implementation partner, we have worked with Zoho Creator, Zoho One, Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk & Zoho Inventory,  to provide our clients with a complete business management system.

  • Being Zoho Partner in Thailand, we use Agile or waterfall project management tools to bring the best solution you need.

  • We Implement Zoho Product suites products for managing IT help desk, CRM, Business Automation, human resources, sales and marketing, business intelligence, and other custom solutions, and we customize Zoho solutions to optimize your business processes.

  • Our Zoho Solution provides Mobile and Web based application to allow all companies constant access to their data, it connects with team seamlessly to carry out Sales Activity and assist in closing sales quickly

  • Our Zoho Business consultants team understands business operations and customer requirements to create a flowchart of client-side implementation and a plan for how to integrate one or more of Zoho’s products.

  • We provide implementation and customized solutions to suit business processes and customers’ requirements to make effective decisions to increase business productivity.
  • We provide training for customers to get the most value for their business with Zoho solutions and products and furnish continued support if the customer needs modification.

  • And, we offer a CRM strategy planning free of charge for Zoho customizations! Conditions apply; contact us to know more.

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    Our Certified Zoho Team

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    Zoho Certified Consulting

    As Zoho-certified consultants, we provide the state of the art solutions to take your business to the next level. All you have to do is share your workflow order and anything that might be useful with our expert consultants for them to come up with the best solutions.

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    Zoho Implementation

    Being an experienced certified Zoho partner for years, our developers ensure you have an error-free solution by going through repeated cycles of QA and testing to implement the solution in your business.

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    Zoho Development

    We develop customizations that suit your business workflow more effectively in the readily available Zoho templates and help you attain reduced turnaround time and profitable growth in your business.

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    Zoho Training

    Our developers provide necessary training to familiarize the solution at the administrative and employee level during the implementation of the solution, either at minimum costs or free of cost, depending on the extent of the training period.

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    Zoho Integration

    We integrate any third-party application along with seamless data migration from your existing application to the new Zoho solution of your choice for managing all of your business operations efficiently.

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    Zoho Support and maintenance

    Our expert developers go about repeated testing cycles before deployment to ensure that what we deliver is error-free and gives you 100% user satisfaction.

    Our Case Study

    case study

    Reinventing Customer Loyalty Program with Zoho Subscription

    As Zoho Authorized Partners, we are well equipped to handle Zoho customizations and integrations seamlessly. And, we provided automation in collecting, sorting, and recording redeemable customer points by linking their subscription forms on multiple WIX websites with Zoho Subscriptions by building a custom connector.

    • Industry Covered:
      Subscription Services Industry: Linking your eCommerce subscription form on all websites with Zoho Subscription, you automate the collection, prioritization, customer redeemable points processing, and a faster response to your clients.
    • Expertise:
      Our Technical expertise allowed us to integrate and customize the subscription forms on the client’s website. We created secure admin and end-user customization and helped accelerate the subscription process for redeemable points.

    AquaOrange as Zoho Partner has worked on Multiple Zoho Solutions

    Out of the many solutions available on the Zoho platform, AquaOrange as a Zoho authorized partner offers solutions that let you streamline your everyday business. Our Zoho certified developers provide customizations for all solutions to efficiently align and automate your workflow process. Among the many, check out the few Zoho solutions that we have worked on below.

    Zoho CRM

    Our developers customize, integrate Zoho CRM add ons, and migrate data from your legacy applications to Zoho CRM and help you in managing and preventing loss of your leads, prospects, or loyal customers.

    Zoho CRM

    Zoho Desk

    It is a popular support desk platform that aids businesses in delivering first-in-class customer support to clients with the right tools. Its analytics features help managers to determine operational sectors and enhance productivity.

    zoho Desk

    Zoho Analytics

    Getting useable reports and analytics that can be viewed on a single dashboard in real-time is possible as our developers carry out successful data warehousing in almost no time.

    Zoho Analytics

    Zoho Inventory

    Zoho inventory management software is popular among startups and SMBs that helps gain productivity and efficiency in their inventory system through automation, and businesses can remain at the top of their competitors and investors by making intelligent decisions.

    Zoho Inventory

    Zoho Social

    Get the intelligent and innovative social media management platform to streamline your business and harness the power of social networks. This software enhances the online presence and allows businesses to connect with the targetted audiences.

    Zoho Social

    Zoho Expense

    Zoho Expense is the most widely used online expense reporting software, which streamlines your financial transactions to quicken revenue generations in no time. This platform simplifies approvals, gives quick reimbursements, and automates expense reporting.

    Zoho expense

    Zoho Sites

    Zoho Sites is a convenient and foolproof website builder that allows prospects to build top-notch websites efficiently. As a Zoho authorized partner, we help clients to install and provide support to use this solution which can be used without any experience in IT skills or coding.

    Zoho Sites

    Zoho People

    Our developers automate all your HR operations by integrating your employee data and help you track their attendance, performance, and manage appraisals, and more.

    Zoho People

    How we Work

    Our Zoho certified developers deeply understand your business workflow and customize the Zoho apps accordingly. Be it for sales and marketing, customer service solutions, finance, IT, or custom solutions, we provide Zoho customizations that automate your businesses efficiently. Every project starts with an elaborate discussion, strategy, setup, testing, and implementation with complete transparency.

    Want our Zoho consulting services?

    As Zoho Authorized Partner, we Provide Services
    for All Segments of your Marketplace

    AquaOrange, as Zoho partners, offers full-cycle Zoho solution services to all industry verticals, from SMEs to large enterprises in Thailand. We can build solutions for any industry as long as we have the right inputs.


    Zoho for healthcare helps oversee your healthcare facility administration, patient management, faster billing, and more.


    Zoho for healthcare helps oversee your healthcare facility administration, patient management, faster billing, and more.

    Bank & Financials

    Zoho for healthcare helps oversee your healthcare facility administration, patient management, faster billing, and more.

    Real Estate

    Zoho for healthcare helps oversee your healthcare facility administration, patient management, faster billing, and more.


    Zoho for healthcare helps oversee your healthcare facility administration, patient management, faster billing, and more.

    solar panel
    Solar Industry

    Zoho for healthcare helps oversee your healthcare facility administration, patient management, faster billing, and more.

    travel agency
    Travel Agency

    Zoho for healthcare helps oversee your healthcare facility administration, patient management, faster billing, and more.

    online shop

    Zoho for healthcare helps oversee your healthcare facility administration, patient management, faster billing, and more.

    Why choose Infomaze for Business Automation

    Why choose AquaOrange,
    a Zoho Authorized Partner?

    • Get certified Zoho Developers.

    • Zoho Consultation services for FREE of cost in Thai & English

    • Our Developers & Consultant have 5+ years in various industry verticals.

    • Request for Online Demo Presentation is Available

    • Secure solutions with stringent NDAs signed
    • Timely delivery and result focus.

    • First-class, SaaS Software, cloud-based solutions that suit your business needs.

    • Personalized Zoho solutions to match your business workflow.
    • Updated on the latest features and technologies.
    • Solutions that help you maximize productivity and achieve exponential growth.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, we do provide a free consultation
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Yes sure. Email us your specification and we will come back to you with a quote.

    We follow agile methodology and once we start working on your project, we will keep you in the loop and frequently update you with everything that’s going on, thanks to our project management strategies that allow seamless communication.

    Usually, a Zoho development project may take three to seven weeks to complete. However, there is no fixed time for any project, as it entirely depends on the project’s size, type, customization, integration, features, and functionalities.